This 4th Edition of ‘Patch Testing’ has several new features and improvements as compared to the previous 2008 3rd Edition:

  • 550 new chemicals / compounds with information on patch testing have been added (now totalling 4900)
  • 275 new references have been added (now totalling nearly 1000), mostly from the period 2008-2018
  • the book has gained 125 pages from expanded information, notably the 550 new entries, the addition of CAS numbers and recent references
  • CAS numbers (Chemical Abstracts Service, are now provided for each chemical / compound, when available and identifiable
  • in the previous Edition, INCI names (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients) were already provided, but often as synonyms; in this Edition, (virtually) all chemicals present in the INCI system (cosmetic ingredients only) now have their INCI names as main entries (preferred names)
  • prefixes (cis-, dl-, tert-, p-, etc.) and figures (2,4-, 1,3,5- etc.) were positioned thus far after the name of the chemical, which had been done to facilitate alphabetizing (in 1985, a very early Dbase program was used to create Table 1); in this Edition, they have returned to their proper positions
  • prefixes are now italicized according to chemistry convention (e.g., cis-, dl-, tert-, p-, o-, m-, d-, l-, trans, N-, R-, S-)
  • for chemicals that all three commercial suppliers of patch test materials have in their product range and in the same concentration, no other (previously) suggested test concentrations are shown anymore
  • incorrectly spelled out names have been corrected (mistakes and imperfections came to light when looking for CAS numbers)
  • chemicals that could not be found in any of the chemical databases mentioned above or elsewhere on the internet, probably indicating that their names were either incorrect or that they are non-existent, are now labelled ‘unknown chemical’
  • information on identical chemicals that was previously sometimes shown under different names (unrecognized synonyms) is now provided under one main entry