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Table 6 provides an alphabetical listing of chemicals , which have caused immediate contact reactions. For sources (if not mentioned in brackets here) see the corresponding sections in table 1. The “Contact Urticaria Syndrome” has been reviewed in references 7, 8, 13 and 15. A number of cases, albeit showing immediate-type hypersensitivity/allergy, did strictly speaking not cause immediate contact reactions (contact urticaria), but for example – in the case of widespread or generalized urticaria or anaphylaxis – systemic allergic reactions (945).

Table 6   Immediate contact reactions (contact urticaria)

Abietic acid Benzyl nicotinate
Acetaldehyde BHA
Acetylacetone BHT
Acid anhydrides (15) Bisphenol A diglycidyl ether
Acrylic acid Bithionol
Acrylic monomers (15) 2-Bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol
Alantolactone Buserelin acetate
Albendazole Butoxydiglycol
Alcohol Butoxyethyl nicotinate
Aliphatic polyamide (15) n-Butyl alcohol
Allantoin t-Butyl alcohol (968)
Aluminum Butyl diglycol acetate
m-Aminophenol (968) ptert-Butylphenol
o-Aminophenol (968) Butyraldehyde
p-Aminophenol Butyric acid
Aminopyrine Calcium hypochlorite
2-Aminothiazole Calendula officinalis extract (968)
Ammonia Camphor
Ammonium persulfate Cannabis sativa
Ammonium platinic chloride Cantharidin
Ammonium platinous chloride Capsicain
Ampicillin caraway seed oil (entry: Carum carvi (caraway) seed oil
Ampyrone carboxymethylcellulose sodium (entry: Cellulose gum)
α-Amylase carmine (entry: CI 75470) (968)
Amylcinnamal cassia oil (entry: Cinnamomum cassia oil)
Anisyl alcohol Castanea sativa (chestnut) extract (968)
Argania spinosa (argan) kernel oil (968) Castor bean
Aspirin Cefotiam hydrochloride
Avena sativa (oat) bran extract (968) Cellulase
Aziridine Cephalosporins
Bacitracin Cetyl alcohol
balsam Peru (entry: Myroxylon pereirae resin) Cetylpyridinium chloride (944)
Balsam Traumatic Chamomile (extract)
Basic blue 99 (903) Chitosan gluconate (968)
Basic brown 17 (852) Chloramine-T
Benzaldehyde Chloramphenicol
Benzalkonium chloride (968) Chlorendic anhydride (730)
Benzocaine Chlorhexidine (digluconate)
Benzoic acid p-Chloro-m-cresol
Benzoin tincture 1-Chloro-2,4-dinitrobenzene
Benzonitrile (8) 2-Chloro-6-fluorobenzaldehyde-α-chlorooxime
Benzophenone-3 (968) Chloroform
Benzophenone-4 (968) Chlorothalonil
Benzophenone-10 (968) Chlorproethazine
o-Benzotriazol-1-yl-N,N,N’,N’-tetramethyl-uronium hexafluorophosphate Chlorpromazine hydrochloride
Benzoyl peroxide Chromium
Benzyl alcohol CI 75470 (968)
Benzyl benzoate Cinchona