Bookcover Patch Testing First Edition

As with the first two editions, Patch Testing 3 was very well received by the dermatological community and was recommended in various dermatological journals.

Here are some examples of book reviews:

Contact Dermatitis

This is the third edition of Anton C. de Groot’s renowned book on patch testing, test concentrations, and vehicles : an invaluable handbook in any patch test unit and for all doctors involved in patch testing regardless of experience. As a special feature, digital updates will be given for 2 years after purchase. The book is highly recommended and should be on the shelves of all dermatological units.

Jeanne D Johansen

Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

The third edition of Patch Testing by Anton C. de Groot provides those performing patch testing with a comprehensive, quick, easy-to-use resource at their fingertips. It continues to build on a tremendous database that begins with the first edition in 1986. It is a useful, user-friendly book. This textbook is an essential and invaluable tool for any clinician performing patch testing and it is a necessity in all patch test clinics.

Christen M Mowad


This book remains the bible and the “gold standard” for health care workers examining the rich clinical horizons beyond the baseline series. This slim volume belongs in the hands of all serious students of evidence-based dermatoallergy. We hope that Dr. de Groot will vigorously pursue the fourth edition.

Howard I Maibach

Australasian Journal of Dermatology

Patch Testing was originally published in 1986 and has been internationally recognized as the authoritative guide, providing patch-test concentrations of chemicals together with their appropriate vehicles. The third and latest edition of the book has long been awaited by the international patch-test fraternity and it certainly does not disappoint. Unequivocally, this information-packed, user-friendly book remains the most comprehensive and reliable guide to perform safe patch testing, and is an essential requirement for every patch-test clinic.

Rosemary Nixon

American Journal of Clinical Dermatology

All workers in the field of allergic contact dermatitis will welcome the third edition of this text. Dr DeGroot has utilized his decades of experience in wisely and prudently providing estimates of patch test concentrations and vehicles. I cannot imagine anyone with a serious interest in allergic contact dermatitis who will not have this on his or her bookshelf rapidly.

Howard Maibach

Aktuelle Dermatologie

Um 650 neue Testallergene erweitert, enthält die jetzige Auflage eine Fülle an schnell nachschlagbaren, wertvollen Informationen zur Kontaktdermatitis. Si eist jedem allergologisch tätigen Dermatologen unbedingt zu empfehlen und eine gute Investition, nicht zuletzt weil die Suche nach entsprechenden Testkonzentrationen und Vehikeln enorm erleichtert wird. Dem Autor gebührt grosser Dank für dieses Werk.

Hanan Adib-Tezer

Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Dermatologie en Venereologie

Dit goed geprijsde boek is enig in zijn soort en onmisbaar voor de dermatoloog met een interesse voor omgevings- en arbeidsdermatologie, verder reikend dan het verrichten van plakproeven met standaardmaterialen.

Pieter van der Valk