The fragrance mix I (FM I) in the European baseline series for patch testing contains 5% sorbitan sesquioleate (SSO) as emulsifier. As this chemical can cause contact allergy in it own right, some reactions to the FM I may not indicate fragrance / perfume allergy at all, but patients may still be advised not to use fragrances and fragranced products anymore. To avoid this unwanted situation, all individuals undergoing patch testing should also be tested with SSO. In practical terms, this is only possible when SSO is added to the European baseline series. To try to convince the European Society of Contact Dermatitis to implement this, I have written a position paper together with scientists from Belgium (Liesbeth Gilissen, An Goossens), Germany (Johanner Geier) and the U.K. (David Orton). Just received the message that the paper has been accepted for publication in the section Education and Debate of the journal Contact Dermatitis. I think we have a strong case, but success is not guaranteed.