Bookcover Patch Testing First Edition

The first Edition of Patch Testing was published in 1986 by Elsevier Science B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This book was well received by the dermatological community and was recommended in various Book Reviews in dermatological journals. Here are some examples of Book Reviews:

Contact Dermatitis 1987

…It is easy to patch test but it is not so easy to arrive at correct conclusions. The patch test concentration and the vehicle are all important but with rare allergens, they are often unknown. This information is often difficult to find and in the middle of a busy clinic, impossible. Dr de Groot’s book admirably supplies this need which is common to all of is: thus, all of us need this book and will be thankful for it.’
Etain Cronin

British Journal of Dermatology 1987;116:142

…It is a mine of information that has been gleaned from the literature and includes CTFA and Merck Index numbers where appropriate… Not all suggested patch test concentrations should be taken as gospel and it is sometimes necessary to test chemicals in vehicles other than those stated. Overall however, this is an extremely useful patch testing aid and one which I am sure will be widely used.’
J.D. Wilkinson

Archives of Dermatology 1988;124:1135

‘…..Alphabetical listing and extensive cross-referencing make it quite easy to find information in this volume. The book will certainly be a time saver in finding patch-test recommendations for uncommonly encountered contact allergens, and it may prove to be a worthwhile investment for dermatologists who frequently perform patch testing.’
Michael Bigby

Clinical and experimental Dermatology

‘…Any criticisms of Patch Testing are minor. It must be seen as a work of importance in helping the proper performance of patch testing, although the interpretation of results only comes with experience. Once again de Groot has made a significant contribution to the dermatological literature on contact dermatitis, and his present work should be sought after by any dermatologist who employs patch-test techniques.’
I.R. White

Hautarzt 1987;38:188

‘…Das Werk beinhaltet eine in diesem Umfang wohl einmalige Zusammenstellung von Testdaten. Es ist natürlich kein Einfaches “Kochbuch” für eine Epikutantestung. Die z.T. differierenden Daten müssen kritisch umgesetzt werden. Unter dieser Voraussetzung empfiehlt sich das Buch für jeden, der in der Klinik oder in der Praxis Epikutantestungen durchführt.’
D. Kleinhans

Annales de Dermatologie et Venéréologie 1987;114: 475

‘…Tous ces renseignements permettront sans aucun doute d’approfondir et de diagnostiquer de facon plus précise les allergies de contact.’
A. Pons