Now available: Patch Testing 4th Edition

Test concentrations and vehicles for 4900 chemicals


  • 4900 chemicals with patch test concentrations and vehicles
  • 2300 synonyms and 200 abbreviations
  • CAS numbers
  • INCI nomenclature for cosmetic ingredients and fragrances
  • full data from all major textbooks and the journals Contact Dermatitis, American Journal of Contact Dermatitis and Dermatitis
  • patch test concentrations and vehicles for products
  • patch test concentrations and vehicles for groups of chemicals
  • reference to the Merck Index online database
  • reference to Personal Care Products Council On-Line INFOBASE
  • reports of photosensitivity, contact urticaria, and patch test sensitization
  • additional information relevant for patch testing
  • commercial availability of allergens
  • fully referenced (985 references)
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